We are delighted to offer our customers the following in house accounting services by our Registered Qualified Accountant Miss. Praneet Khuiprakhon (Ui)


1. Company Registration – Registering a company in Thailand is usually hassle free, but being a foreigner, there are often obstacles to overcome. Buy using our help, the process can be straight forward and easy. We will ensure that all the legal requirements are met and that the whole process goes smoothly.


2. Company Update – Every time there is an update to your company the changes need to be registered. We make this process hassle free and ensure that the updates are registered in a speedy manner.


3. VAT Registration - All companies must submit their VAT return on a monthly basis (PP.30 Form). This needs to be completed by the 15th of the following month and should be submitted to the Revenue Department. At Pattaya Top Property we are experts in submitting VAT returns for companies. 


4. Social Security Registration – We provide assistance to clients in the Social Security Fund registration process, ensuring that all government requirements are met.


5. Monthly Report - If you do not understand the tax system and process in Thailand, you may need some help. Our service includes full reporting on a monthly basis and ensures that all tax requirements are met for the company.


6. Monthly Taxes and Social Security Payment - We take care of all of our clients paperwork meaning that you can focus on taking care of your business with no need to worry about Thailand's complicated tax laws.


7. Balance Sheet – Declaration – We will take care of all the documents needed to prepare the monthly tax report. We also provide you with your half-yearly balance sheet and take care of the annual accounts for your business.


8. Auditor Service - There are many steps involved both before and after an audit report has been prepared, we ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and that all the necesarry paperwork is completed

Those services do apply for a person owning a property under a Thai company or a business.

Accounting service for properties under Thai company start from 10,000 baht per year.