At Top Property we are able to help our clients with a range of legal business and corporate services. We are committed to our clients which range from businesses to individuals, who value our service and the commitment we show to their needs as well as our contribution to their success in the real estate market. At Top Property we can represent a wide range of clients such as landlords, developers, investors, builders, lenders, owners, and tenants in all of their real estate matters. 

Below are a list of the services that we offer:

Company Registration

Doing business in Thailand you have the choice over what type of business organization to establish. There are 4 different types of businesses which can be registered. There is a Thai partnership, a Thai representative office, or a Thai limited company. 

The most common type of company setup that foreigners choose is a Thai Limited Company.Our experts can assist in the registration of your company ensuring it goes smoothly and that all paperwork is submitted correctly. 

Registration of Changes in the Company

If there are ever any changes within the company, these changes will need to be registered. Changes may include the following:

  • Address
  • Additional Branch
  • Name
  • Director
  • Shareholders
  • Increase in Capital

We can take the hassle out of trying to do this by yourself which can involve a lot of time and paperwork.

Accounting and Auditing

At Top Property we provide client-specific assistance in the maintenance of their accounts and preparation of financial documents as required by relevant local authorities. Our monthly services can be provided alone or in combination with other tax and legal services. 

Verifying Title Documents With the Land Office and Agreements

Below are some of the individual service that we offer:

  • Registration of lease, land and house at Land Office
  • Professional negotiating a lower price and transfer fee
  • Asset purchase agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Partnership/joint venture agreement
  • Land and house purchasing agreement
  • Share purchasing agreement
  • Employment agreement
  • Reviewing of agreement
  • Agency agreement
  • Construction agreement
  • Selling business agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Consumer loan agreement
  • Demand promissory note
  • Indemnity agreement
  • Loan agreement 


There are a number of licences that we can help our clients obtain that are required by Thai Law. These are as follows:

  • Factory Licence
  • FDA Licence
  • Enviroment Licence
  • Entertainment Licence
  • Alcohol Licence 
  • Cigarette Licence
  • Food Licence

Work Permits and Visas

At Top Property we can also assist in obtaining work permits and most types of visa including Business, Retirement and Family Visas.If you need help with a visa extension, we can also help you with this.